Increase Your Impact & Income with a Marketing Plan built in One Day

The MVR Marketing MaximizerTM System

The best thing we can do for you is to set you up for actual marketing success.

Marketing is made up of a lot of moving parts which can be broken down to strategy & tactics.  If you are only using the tactics (like creating a website, social media posts, and advertising) with no strategy then it’s a bit like throwing spaghetti against the wall.  You’re just hoping something will stick.)

Using our Marketing Maximizer™ System, we’ll meet for a full day deep dive with your key team members to create a comprehensive yet easy to follow marketing strategy.  Within that day we:

  • clarify your vision of success
    • includes determining the views/clicks/and number of clients needed to achieve your goals
  • understand your ideal customers (as well as discover where you’ll find them online and develop your core messaging to engage them)
  • devise your high converting offer
  • optimize your marketing infrastructure
    • includes honing your high converting lead magnet and other online marketing tools
  • develop your online sales process
    • journey map your ideal client from prospect to raving fan,
    • creating your sales funnel
    • framing your first online ads
  • discover your key performance indicators (ie success metrics to measure ROI)
  • discern the best spend of your marketing budget to achieve your goals based on your customized sales funnel and your KPIs
    • this may be a new website, or SEO, or pay-per-click advertising. It could be personal branding of you or other key team members, or email automation to market to and nurture both current clients and prospects, or our automation autopilot program.  It all depends on your firm’s needs and your goals.

You’ll receive digital copies of all information from that day in an easy to use summary report.  With this strategy in place, your tactics are clear and can easily be followed by your internal team, our team, or any marketing firm you choose.

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